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We have been working as a Search Engine Optimizer and also giving white hat SEO services since 2014. Since then, a lot of changes have happened in the world of SEO and as well as our White Hat SEO Service. Google has updated its algorithm named Panda, Penguin, and hundreds of other updates. And the latest update was May 2020 Core Update.

In this update, many websites have been affected. Many of them have lost there traffics and some of them have got a penalty from Google. But luckily this update didn’t affect our client’s websites because of our best White Hat SEO Service.

Together we have ranked a lot of websites in the previous years. And I am giving some of our clients Google Analytics screenshots for you.

White Hat SEO Service

White Hat SEO

We Started Working For This Client From June 18, 2020

I can continue with hundreds of Google Analytics screenshots like that. However, that doesn’t ensure you will rank higher with our White Hat SEO Service, does it? Well, I think it does.

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White Hat SEO Service Redefined

Here’s why our White Hat SEO Service is unique. Let me give you a short overview of what will happen once you fill up that form above. Hopefully, you will like it.

White Hat SEO Service

SEO On-Boarding

Once we have your website approved and our monthly contract is set, we will start doing our SEO by researching a list of keywords that we will try to rank for. Also, you can suggest us keywords that you wanna rank on Google. This can range from 30-120 keywords depending on your website, industry, and the competition. Most website owners try to rank for around 40-90 keywords and a lot of long-tail (LSI) variations also get ranked automatically during this phase. That’s a bonus for you.

Once we have a list of keywords, we send it to you for approval. Once you have approved, we will start tracking all your data. 

Classic Traffic Data

After we have finalized the list of keywords, we will start tracking your keyword ranking movements. We will give you access to a dedicated sub-domain so that you can log in anytime (24/7) to check the latest ranking updates, ups, and downs of your keywords. Also, we will send you weekly updates even on weekends.

Full 350+ Level Audit

SEO always starts with an in-depth audit of your website. Without a depth audit, you can’t expect that your site will rank. Because there are many errors that should be fixed. We will use a variety of tools and also human effort, our team tries to find and fix those 350+ touchpoints of your website. This includes everything that a perfect audit should be. For example, submitting sitemap and robot.txt, meta description to schema tag, indexation status, 404 error, and even on-page copy.

Once we finalize a list of technical fixes, then our team will jump into the main action. 

On-Page SEO

Everyone knows that On-Page SEO is the most powerful thing in White Hat SEO Service. On-Page SEO is now more important than it was ever before. Google is focusing more on the on-page issues of a website rather than other factors like link building. But don’t think that link building and citations aren’t important. They are still important and we make sure to cover you for that too, however, on-page is where 65-80% of the SEO happens. 

Our On-Page SEO service is very effective. We will optimize every article for that keyword that you wanna rank for. We can assure you that once we are done on-page of an article, it should rank higher automatically even without backlinks. 

Of course, don’t think that it would rank on page 1 or top-level without backlinks, but it will definitely boost up your rankings.

Off-Page SEO/Backlinks

Off-page SEO or backlinks is all about managing external factors that will help you to rank higher. Our Off-Page strategy also covered that you have a persona with social profiles. Increasing your sites DA, PA, DR PR, and also Trust Flow that sends Google a positive vibe. We will also manage your anchor text percentage, removing bad links, and so on.

So Why Are You Waiting For? Get The Best Deal For You Now.

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